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On April 28, the unions of the AFL-CIO observe Workers Memorial Day to remember those who have suffered and died on the job. As we remember workers who have died in workplace accidents, suffered diseases due to exposure to toxic substances, or been injured because of dangerous conditions, we rededicate ourselves to the fight for safe workplaces. Each year, nearly 6,000 workers are killed at work, 50,000 die from occupational diseases, and millions more are injured.

According to the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation office, 54 workers died last year from workplace accidents and occupational illnesses. Six suffered a job-related lung disease, including four who died from asbestos exposure. This list is not a incomplete, since not all deaths result in the payment of death benifits.

On April 28, we honor these fallen workers. And we will keep on fighting until the promise of safe jobs is a reality.

If you, or someone you know, have lost a loved one to occupational illness or a death in the workplace and are looking for some help figuring out what to do and who to contact the United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities may be of help. This web site and the caring people who run it can provide support, awareness, tributes, memorials, article, self-help, workers comp. laws, wrongful death attorneys and safety resources. And most of all they care! They listen!

The following workers' names were read at WisCOSH co-sponsored vigils held in Milwaukee and Madison on Workers Memorial Day,
Name of Worker
Date of Death
  Name of Worker
Date of Death
  Name of Worker
Date of Death
James Balack
April 2
  Ellen Bauer
May 9
  John Beckmann
July 9
Carol Benisch
March 26
Wesley Black
Dec. 30
Joe Bohannon
Oct. 1
Nadine Boltz
Oct. 11
Robert Bouche
Nov. 19
Cory Brown
July 29
Gary Campbell
July 8
Richard Clement
Feb. 27
Scott Cook
Jan. 26
Richard Doll
Oct. 11
Robert Donner
April 7
James Ellison
Feb. 5
Robert Etter
July 22
Keith Freiberg
July 12
Perry Hauke
Sept. 11
Robert Hessel
July 3
Richard Hillman
July 20
Richard Hinze
April 12
William Iwanski
November 16
Emory Knitt
November 7
Paul Komis
June 14
Jim Krieg
November 2
Robert Krueger
October 28
Jon Lucas
March 8
Stephanie Markins
July 22
Everette McDaniel
September 7
Michael McNally
March 26
Harry Miller
January 16
Dawn Monreal-Koch
September 30
Roberto Montano
June 5
Luis Montoya-Silva
June 5
Michael Novak
January 9
Gregory Nudelbacher
July 26
Daniel O'Connell
February 5
Gary Ostrander
June 25
Stanley Palmer
May 21
Randall Pederson
November 13
Paul Pelczynski
July 17
Robert Pellerino
August 24
Chad Peters
May 22
Daniel Posthume
May 17
Edward Rice
November 27
Charles Roeske
May 11
Ryan Schenian
July 15
Timothy Schramm
May 17
Lyle Schroeder
August 6
Donald Siewert
February 11
Norbert Skenandore
March 29
Rafael Smith
April 17
Gary Swanson
July 20
Ken Wagner
July 18
If you have a name of someone who died on the job, or from occupational disease, in 2002, please forward it to WisCOSH so that we may include it in our memorial. Please include the date, cause of death and city/town, if you know it.
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