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scwCOSH Defunct

It saddens me to report that it has recently come to WisCOSH's attention that our sister COSH has ceased to exist. While we had suspected this for some time it was recently confirmed by Jim Cavenaugh, President of the South Central Federation of Labor when he stated that it had been 2 years since the last meeting or activity that he was aware of scwCOSH having.

As Executive Director of WisCOSH I have tried many times over the past several years to make contact with anyone connected with scwCOSH to no avail. I had reveived word from scwCOSH's then new President alerting me to the change in office holders but had been completely unable to establish any further communication with scwCOSH. I had tried to contact him via e-mail, snail mail and various persons that were at one time or another associated with scwCOSH with no positive results.

scwCOSH History

While WisCOSH was, and is, a state wide agency dedicated to helping workers achieve safer and healthier workplaces a number of members from the Madison, WI area wanted to focus on the Dane County area's workforce. scwCOSH was always a grassroots based organization and never became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the state of WI. All of scwOSH's activities were volunteer run and they had no paid staff.

South Central WI COSH [scwCOSH] was started by a number of WisCOSH members who lived in the Madison area and were active in workplace safety and health issues amongst local unions and workers. WisCOSH provided help to them in forming scwCOSH and collaborated on activities and held joint occupational safety and health conferences each year. Several times WisCOSH worked with scwCOSH members to provide training under the National COSH's Vulnerable Workers Grant.

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