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WisCOSH is currently sold out of ALL T-shirts of both designs

WisCOSH is currently in the process of designing special 30th Anniversarry T-shirts. Notice will be posted and sent when they are available. If you would like notice sent to you when T-shirts are again available. WisCOSH is also considering reprinting our other two designs as well.

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WisCOSH Books and Periodicals :

Health & Safety Publications

  1. Electromagnetic Fields

    This thick booklet explanes how electromagnetic fields (EMF's) affect your health and safety on the job, how to recognize dangers, and what you should do about it. Packed with information.
    cost : $3.

  2. Fire Hazards in the Modern Office

    A look at the dangers posed by the modern office building, and how to reduce the hazards.
    cost : $3.

  3. How to Handle Worker's Compensation Claims.

    This booklet, writen by Neill DeClercq, Prof. of Labor Education, School for Workers, and Attorney David Resnick, contains the latest information on WI Worker's Compensation laws and procedures, including step-by-step instructions for handling a claim by yourself or for a fellow employee. It's designed for training sessions and contains the state Worker's Compensation Guide, sample forms, key phone numbers, and more...
    cost : $10.

  4. Indoor Air Quality

    Exercises and small group activites on how to reduce and solve IAQ problems.
    cost : $3.

  5. Preventing Workplace Violence

    A look at the number two killer of workers in the U.S.. Includes causes and prevention. 89pages
    cost : $3.

  6. Repetitive Strain Injuries

    Why repetitive strain injuries occur, and how to redesign jobs ergonomically to eliminate the hazards.
    cost : $3.

  7. Stop Stress : A Training Workbook for Working People

    How to deal with stress in the workplace caused by bosses, coworkers, and workload. Exercises teach how to solve problems and reduce stress.
    cost : $3.

  8. Tuberculosis in the Workplace

    Designed to encourage workers to talk about TB, who gets it and why, and how TB is spread in : healthcare settings, prisons and homeless shelters. 103pages.
    cost : $3.

  9. Other WisCOSH Items

    WisCOSH is considering several other ways for you to help support WisCOSH and call for safer and healthier workplaces. Many of the following proposed items has not been made in years while others have never been produced before. Please drop WisCOSH a message about the types of items you would be interested in purchasing.

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