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Included here are a set of informational sheets on many different aspects of Occupational Safety & Health awareness. Please feel free to print and distribute amongst your fellow workers. The more you know about workplace safety and health the better protected you can be from the hazards you may face in the workplace.

These sheets have been composed by WisCOSH, other COSH groups, and many concerned unions. When reproducing please retain the notice of who is the originator of the information. If any information is found to be incorrect please notify WisCOSH so it may be corrected.

Table of Contents

  1. If You Get Hurt at Work
  2. Repetitive Motion Injury (RMI)
  3. What is this thing called MCS
  4. Work : It Can Be dangerous to Your Health

Factsheets of the "Protecting Workers Who Exercise Rights" Project

  1. Contract Language for a Safe & Healthy Workplace [html] [pdf]
  2. Health and Safety and the National Labor Relations Act [html] [pdf]
  3. Health and Safety Rights on the Job for Teen Workers [html] [pdf]
  4. How to File an OSHA Complaint [html] [pdf]
  5. How to Protect Yourself from Retaliation if You Need to Complain About a Dangerous Job [html] [pdf]
  6. Know Your Rights - Your Legal Rights in the Workplace [html] [pdf]
  7. ¡Conozca sus derechos! Sus derechos legales como trabajador [html] pdf]
  8. Know Your Rights Under OSHA [html] [pdf]
  9. Temp and Contract Workers Have Rights Too! [html] [pdf]
  10. The OSHA Inspection [html] [pdf]
  11. Using Section 11(c) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) [html] [pdf]
  12. Whistleblower Protections Under the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA)[html] [pdf]
  13. Workers' Whistleblower Rights Under Environmental Law [html] [pdf]
  14. Your OSHA Rights in a Nutshell [html] [pdf]
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