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October 16, 2010

WisCOSH will celebrate 32 Years of fighting for Wisconsin's workers safety and health rights on Saturday, October 16, 2010. WisCOSH has been in the forefront of providing information, training, advocacy and outreach to make, and keep, Wisconsin's workplaces safer and healthier for all of Wisconsin's workers. WisCOSH supports every workers right to form a union to collectively act to protect and enforce their workplace safety and health rights!

This special evening will find WisCOSH at the ATU Local 998 Hall [at 734 N. 26th St., Milwaukee, WI] cooking up a hot, homemade dinner. Join us for this festive fundraiser and enjoy a great meal with friends and coworkers, hear about upcoming activities and efforts and help support WisCOSH's efforts!

The dinner menu will be announced soon. Assorted beverages will be available. A vegitarian meal is also available when ordered in advance. The cost is $15 paid in advance or $20 paid at the door. A table of 6 for $75.00 is a savings of 37%. This is a fundraiser dinner please consider making a donation of $100 or more and get a table of 6 and be listed in the program as a Supporter. If you can make a donation of $250 or more you will receive 2 tables of six and be listed in the program as an Activist. Please contact WisCOSH and make a reservation. You can phone (414) 933-2338 for more information.

After dinner a short WisCOSH business meeting is planned. This will include short reports on WisCOSH's 2010 Activities, WisCOSH's plans and needs for 2011, a discussion concerning workers needs for training or information and the election for one half of WisCOSH's Board of Directors. This meeting is open to the general public and your input and concerns are wanted and welcome. However, in order to cast a vote in the election or to be nominated for and serve on the WisCOSH Board of Directors you, or your organization, must be current with dues. Please contact the WisCOSH Office for information about becoming a member or bringing your dues up to date. You can pay your dues or join at the meeting.

The Election of Officers will begin with the nomination and acceptance or declination of potential candidates. Election of Officers will follow after verification of eligability. The positions up for nomination are :

WisCOSH needs your help and leadership to ensure workers in all industries and occupations have a voice in what they need help with so that WisCOSH can seek funding to cover research, materials production and provide training. Board Members and Officers are encouraged to be active and help encourage rank and file participation and volunteerism to help WisCOSH achieve it's mission.

If you are not currently a member why not join or renew your membership and make plans to join us. You can even have your membership paid through workplace giving if your workplace giving options include Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee. WisCOSH has a variety of membership types and levels to help ensure that anyone who wants to show their support for safer and healthier workplaces can do so. Please take note that "higher" levels of membership include bonuses as our way of thanking you for your support.

WisCOSH is glad to provide a follow-up to the I.W.W. Milwaukee General Membership Branch's free Labor Trail event earlier in the afternoon. This year's event will focus on Milwaukee's famed East Side with it's tanneries, pub houses and more. For more information please visit I.W.W. Milwaukee-GMB events page.

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