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WisCOSH has ..

  1. begun training workers in the Building and Construction Trades using the Focus Four Hazards training materials produced by NYCOSH for CNYCOSH (the grant holder) and ConnectiCOSH (subcontractor) and WisCOSH (subcontractor). WisCOSH is still awaiting approval by OSHA of one module and the Spanish language translations of all materials. For additional information.
  2. participated in Community Shares Workplace Giving Campaigns. Community Shares provides funding to Social Justice, Economic Justice and Environmental Justice nonprofit agencies. These are organizations and agencies that generally have a harder time finding funding from other workplace giving organizations. WisCOSH is the Community Shares Representative for the MATC Workplace Giving Campaign.
  3. participated in Laborfest 2008. WisCOSH had an exhibit in the Union Industries area of Laborfest 2008. WisCOSH Executive Director, along with 1st Vice President Al Schultz and Trainer John Cook, met and spoke with several hundered workers about their workplaces and the concerns and issues they have. WisCOSH debut the 2008 Summer edition of WisCOSH's Newsletter as well as provided copies of our Resource Directory. WisCOSH also had many other OSH materials available for interested workers.
  4. provided Emergency Planning training, under the OSHA Susan Harwood Vulnerable Worker Training Grant, to Oneida Nation business owners and supervisors.
  5. participated in the Union Label Booth at WI State Fair. WisCOSH's Executive Director was able to meet and speak with many workers and provide copies of WisCOSH's Resource Directory.
  6. begun planning the 2008 National COSH Conference which will be meeting in Milwaukee, WI this year! Check our blog for updated information.
  7. begun planning the WisCOSH Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner. Check our blog for updated information.
  8. brought a web log [weblog] online at to better update events and activities WisCOSH is and will participate in.
  9. begun training under the OSHA funded Susan Harwood Vulnerable Worker Grant. WisCOSH once again presented at Riverside University High School as well as with several Community Shares of Greater Milwakee Agencies.
  10. joined CNYCOSH and ConnectiCOSH in Albany, NY to review material for use in the trainings. WisCOSH can begin training with three modules as soon as we have our program ready to go while still awaiting final approval from OSHA on one module. Arriving back in Wisconsin WisCOSH goes to work preparing a course and materials as well as continue to do outreach to building and construction workers.
  11. held Workers Memorial Day 2008 commemoration events in Milwaukee, WI.

    Although it proved to be too windy to hold the Procession of the Coffins there was a good gathering of workers at the State Building (6th and Wells) to march over to the gathering of workers at Ziedler Union Square. Those in attendance heard from many on the needlessness of the deaths we were there commemorating and the need to continue the struggle for better working conditions. WisCOSH lead the recall of the list of names and known information of the workers lost in 2007. A moment of silence was observed and the musicians from Local 8 played a beautiful, if mournful, rendition of "Taps" for the workers lost to workplace hazards and occupational illnesses.

    There was a group of workers who proceeded to walk, or drive, around the corner and down the block to the American Postal Worker's Hall to enjoy some time and relax with other workers away from the workplace and enjoy a wonderful homemade Mexican style dinner. Larry Penn told some wonderful historical labor stories as well as played several great songs.

    The speaker WisCOSH has asked to speak the last couple years had to pardon excuse himself again as he was asked at the last minute to speak before Senator Kennedy's hearings. WisCOSH then asked if 9to5 would like to take the opportunity to present the Paid Sick Days Campaign which had been officially launched over the prior weekend. While Amy Steer was not aailable to speak they did send a great speaker. Many signatures were gathered that night. Afterwhich workers mingled for awhile and a great many discussions continued.

  12. begun training for the eighth year under OSHA's Vulnerable Worker Training Grant with other COSH groups around the country. WisCOSH offers a variety of training topics under this grant. More info.
  13. joined Central New York COSH (CNYCOSH), NYCOSH and ConnectiCOSH on their Susan Harwood Targeted Topic Training Grant Focus Four Hazard Training for Building and Construction Workers. WisCOSH is replacing another COSH that had to drop out due to not feeling as though they could complete the grant successfully in their current circumstances.
  14. continued to work with the National COSH, AFL-CIO and other interested groups to call for the reinstitution of the Susan Harwood Institutional Competancy Building Grant. The grant has proven itself over the years by reaching and training many times what the grant requires of participating groups. It has been a very good return on the investment as it reaches many people who may not have the resources to receive the information and training in any other way especially since many are not even aware of their right to know whre to look for information.
  15. sent Executive Director Jim Schultz to the National Labor College to participate in Instructor Sharon Simon's Train-the-Trainer in Occupational Safety and Health program. This training was paid for by a grant from OSHA's Susan Harwood Training Grant. It was the last time this particular training was being offered as it was in it's fifth year. It was a week long session after which WisCOSH committed to holding several training sessions with the materials from the class.
  16. together with other Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee agencies participated in many Workplace Giving Campaigns in and around Milwaukee. As WisCOSH is a statewide agency President Herron-Steeger spoke at several sites in other areas of the state as well as WisCOSH was able to participate in the Federal Combined Giving Campaign and represent both WisCOSH and Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee.
  17. held WisCOSH's Fall Occupational Safety & Health Conference on Saturday, November 11, 2007. The topics are : Worker's Compensation, Family Medical Leave Act and a discussion on how Worker's Compensation can be improved. More info here.
  18. attended the 2007 National COSH Conference from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, 2007. This year it was held at the National Labor Colledge (formerly the George Meany Center) in Silver Spring MD. For more information please see our Conferences and Conventions page.
  19. held the 2007 Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner on Thursday, October 11th. It was held at the ATU998 Building in Milwaukee, where WisCOSH has it's office. There was an election as well as a special guest speaker. More information here.
  20. finished the fourth quarter of our seventh year of the National COSH's Vulnerable Worker's Training Grant which was funded from the Department of Labor's OSHA Susan Harwood Institutional Competancy Building fund. This funding has not been continued in the current Federal Budget.
  21. finished holding Pilot Trainings and finalized materials for the MCW/WisCOSH Susan Harwood Materials Development Grant for Community- and/or Faith-based Outreach organizations.
  22. mailed copies of WisCOSH's 2007-8 Resource Directory to members and supporters and made copies available at MCLC Delagates meetings
  23. finished WisCOSH's annual fundraising sale of Entertainment coupon books. Each year WisCOSH sells books through the Board of Directors, any interested members and online. Thanks for your support! And enjoy the savings year round. More information here on how you can help support WisCOSH.
  24. staffed an informational booth at LaborFest 2007 where we distributed information, the 2007-8 Resource Directories hot off the presses and worker surveys as well as answer questions.
  25. attended Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee's 2007 Commitment to Justice Awards Banquet.
  26. continued our fight to ban asbestos and fight the asbestos company bail out bill now circulating in Washington D.C.
  27. packed the WisCOSH quarterly newsletter with articles about :
    • Corporate America's Dirty Dozen,
    • Katrina's Toxic Waste and workers rights abuses during clean-up activities,
    • Updates on 9/11 health issues,
    • interviews with workers,
    • listing of The Most Dangerous Jobs,
    • and much more;
  28. handled all questions &/or complaints that came to our office;
  29. and much, much more... !
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