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Upcoming Conferences

National COSH Conference

Once again the National COSH Conference will be held in Philladelphia. In the early days of Noveber Philadelphia will be host to numerous COSH groups as they congregate to discuss occupational safety and health topics including positive steps taken over the last year, areas needing increased efforts and what lies ahead in the next year and those that follow. Items of discussion will be trainings held by COSH groups during the current grant year, legislative progress on the Protecting America's Workers Act, worker safety in the face of a likely influenza outbreak that employers, government agencies, healthcare workers and facilities may or might not be ready for and able to handle.

This year our conference, to be held at the Holiday Inn Philadelphia Historic District and will contain two parts. The first will be the usual annual COSH conference, including business meetings, Board elections, information sharing among COSH groups, and workshops [open only to COSH Staff and/or Board members. The conference will begin Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 1pm. and will run through Friday, November 6, 2009. Thursday, November 5, 2009 will wrap up the National COSH business meeting and Friday, November 6, 2009 will be a day devoted to construction safety and health and green jobs and is open to anyone interested in attending. flier

The second part will be a "Worker Safety and Health National Summit" to which we will invite a broader audience of union members, APHA members, injured workers, immigrant advocates, family members of workplace tragedies, environmental and community health activists, etc. flier

As over the last several years [since the National AFL-CIO stopped having occupational safety and health conferences] the National COSH is holding it's conference prior to the American Public Health Association's annual conference in hopes of cross-over participation from both groups in each other's conference.

Previous Conference/Conventions

WI State AFL-CIO Health & Safety Conference


That's the theme for the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Health & Safety Conference being held Thursday and Friday,Septemer 24-25, at the Wyndham Milwaukee Airport Hotel and Convention Center,4747 S. Howell Avenue.

The keynote speaker Friday is a real coup. He is Jordan Barab. who joined OSHA as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health as well as Acting Assistant Secretary on April 13, 2009.

Organized labor celebrated wildly when President Obama Barab. He has spent his entire professional career dealing with workplace safety issues. A former labor safety specialist leading AFSCME programs, he worked at OSHA during the last years of the Clinton administration. When George W. Bush was in the White House, Barab used his blog to publicly blast weakened job safety regulations.

The registration fee ($80) also inlcudes lunch and refreshments both days. Registration is held from 7:30 to 9 a.m. Thurday, and the conference itself runs 9 a.m.-5 p.m.Thurssday and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday.

Department of Labor and OSHA regional and area directors will be among the spears as will Sharon Simon, the director of safety and health training at the National Labor College, Neil DeClercq, director of the UW-Extension School for Workers and James Schultz, executive director of WisCOSH.

For more information on the unfolding workshops and special sessions, contact Jose Bucio of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, (414) 771-0700, extension 26, or

National COSH Conference 2008

That’s right, the National COSH Conference will be hosted by WisCOSH this year and it'll be held in Milwaukee, WI from Noon on Wednesday, November 12th to Noon on Saturday, November 15th, 2008. The conference is a part of the Vulnerable Workers Grant and moves it’s location each year. At one time the conference was held in conjunction with the National AFL-CIO Health & Safety Conference or the American Public Health Assoc. Conference on alternating years. The AFL-CIO no longer hosts a safety and health conference. Last years conference was held at the National Labor College and had several opportunities to interact with the APHA conference attendees.

The conference will be held at the Wyndham (Milwaukee airport hotel & convention Center, 4747 S. Howell Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207). WisCOSH has reserved a group of rooms at a special low price in effect from 11/11 to 11/16 so come a day early and/or stay a day extra and see some of Milwaukee’s great attractions. Make your reservations early! The cost of the room is $92/night + local and state tax (currently 14.6%) for single or double occupancy. A roll away bed can be rented for an additional $20 + tax per night. Rooms have 2 queen sized or 1 king sized bed. Children 17 and younger can share a room with their parents for no additional cost! The hotel offers 24/7 pick-up from General Mitchel International Airport as well as parking for those driving. You must make your reservation by October 11th, 2008 to ensure these great prices.

Additional information on what topics will be covered at the conference, group activities and plans for community involvement will be posted as they are discussed and finalized. We hope to have a lot of interaction with local workers and unions as well as some interesting outings to local venues. Won’t you join us?

Fall Safety and Health Conference 2007

WisCOSH held our 2007 Occupational Safety & Health Conference on Saturday, November 10. It will be held at the IBT/GCC Local 577C building, at 633 S. Hawley Rd., Milwaukee WI. The topics of the conference are Worker's Compensation, Family Medical Leave Act and an discussion on Ways to Improve Worker's Compensation. If you wish to make a reservation contact WisCOSH here.

National COSH Conference 2007

The National COSH Conference for 2007 was held the National Labor College (formerly the George Meany Center) in Silver Spring, MD from October 31 to November 3, 2007. A report will be posted shortly.

National COSH Conference 2006

WisCOSH sent Executive Director and President to Boston, MA for the 2006 National COSH Conference. A report on the conference and activities will be available soon.

National COSH Conference 2005

WisCOSH sent the Executive Director to attend the 2005 National COSH Conference. The conference was be held in Houston, TX. Board members Diane Richter and Sue Ruggles also attended. Sue Ruggles gave a presentation during one of the workshops.

This location was picked early in 2005 to highlight the deaths at the BP refinery. Since the hurricane season has also caused damage to this area there in a greater need than ever for vigilance in protecting worker safety.

National COSH Conference 2004

Here is a link to a report on the 2004 National COSH Conference. This is the third National COSH Conference I had attended.

National COSH Conference 2003

I was unable to attend the 2003 National COSH Conference which was held in Detroit, MI. However, our Executive Director Francis Bartrlt and President Irene Herron-Steeger did attend.

National COSH Conference 2002

In 2002 I was able to attend the National COSH Conference in Philidalphia with Irene Herron-Steeger and Frances Bartelt. When I find the pictures from this conference I will post them here.

National COSH Conference 1999

In 1999 I didn't find out in time for my union to change reservations for me to attend the COSH Conference in New Orleans. I did, however, attend the AFL-CIO International safety and health conference that was held immediately afterward and met many COSH members. When I locate the pictures I took I will post those photos here.

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