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1994 In Memorium

WisCOSH has identified the following on-the-job deaths in Wisconsin during 1994. Many deaths go unreported, particularly those due to occupational illnesses. The following workers were identified with the help of various sources, including the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Worker's Compensation Division of the State of Wisconsin.

If you have lost a loved one to occupational illness or a death in the workplace and are looking for some help figuring out what to do and who to contact the United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities may be of help. This web site is run by a woman, and her family, who lost her brother to a workplace fatality. They provide support, awareness, tributes, memorials, article, self-help, workers comp. laws, wrongful death attorneys and safety resources. And most of all they care! They listen!

The following workers' names were read at WisCOSH co-sponsored vigils on Workers Memorial Day, 1995 :

Name of Worker
Date of Death
Name of Worker
Date of Death
Name of Worker
Date of Death
Marvin Schmitz
Jan. 3
Victor Delellis
Jan. 18
Robert Parish
Jan. 22
Joseph Schmidtner
Jan. 24
Kenneth Schleicher
Jan. 28
James Tucker
Jan. 31
Robert Shaffer
Feb. 15
Larry Kast
Feb. 23
Donald Mackey
Feb. 24
Robert Ulik
Feb. 25
Kyle Angela Young
March 7
Greg Gourdoux
March 9
Earl Machkovich
March 10
Michael Ferguson
March 18
John Wessels
March 18
Robert Brokiewicz
March 25
James Gall
April 2
Robert Waskiewicz
April 3
John Fergason
April 13
Roger Nasseth
April 14
Donald LaFleur
April 21
Richard Murto
April 26
James Lutz
April 28
Daniel Mueller
April 28
Anthony Zawalich
April 28
James Kern
May 10
Terrance Liegel
May 17
Warren Wester
May 18
Jeffery Sheets
May 21
James Seymore
May 26
Paul Anton
May 31
Robert Delhafen
June 1
John Flynn III
June 1
Bradley Vaness
June 1
Garry Grace
June 16
John Dewey
June 18
James Prater
June 18
Eric Farmer
June 22
Jeanette Paulsen
June 28
Patricia Roller
July 1
Vincent Gleason
Andrew Siehr
Clayton Brechtl
July 16
Charles Howard
July 22
Dale Anderson
July 28
William Moore
Aug. 2
Marc Hadland
Aug. 3
Kendall Krueger
Aug. 4
Kevin Kjesow
Aug. 5
Larry Laing
Aug. 5
Alfred Carriere
Aug. 7
James Butler
Aug. 13
Charles Maier
Aug. 16
Thomas Beahm
Aug. 17
Gilbert Lincoln
Aug. 23
Robert Rustad
Aug. 25
William Robertson
Sept. 7
Dennis Kramer
Sept. 9
Douglas Barth
Sept. 14
Jeffrey Lebakken
Sept. 14
Lee Moore
Sept. 18
Barbara Fassbinder
Sept. 19
Randal Cutsforth
Sept. 20
Marvin Huff
Sept. 20
Jason Borneman
Sept. 26
Thomas Stromquist
Sept. 27
Thomas Raith
Oct. 7
Steven Thompson
Oct. 11
Rouse Dwight
Oct. 18
Erinie Foley
Oct. 23
Ronald Hedbany
Oct. 28
Richard Jensen
Nov. 7
Benjamin Potter
Nov. 16
Frank Kistler
Nov. 29
Robert Pierce
Dec. 2
Jesse Carter
Dec. 3
Louis Staton
Dec. 5
Dennis Menting
Dec. 6
Randy Matezevich
James Gutsche
Dec. 8
Jerome Mueller
Dec. 10
Daniel Reid
Dec. 15
Lionel Hoffer
Dec. 24
If you have a name of someone who died on the job in 1994, please forward it to WisCOSH so that we may include it in our memorial. Please include the date, city/town, and cause if you know it.
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