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1995 In Memorium

WisCOSH has identified the following on-the-job deaths in Wisconsin during 1995. Many deaths go unreported, particularly those due to occupational illnesses. The following workers were identified with the help of various sources, including the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Worker's Compensation Division of the State of Wisconsin.

If you have lost a loved one to occupational illness or a death in the workplace and are looking for some help figuring out what to do and who to contact the United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities may be of help. This web site is run by a woman, and her family, who lost her brother to a workplace fatality. They provide support, awareness, tributes, memorials, article, self-help, workers comp. laws, wrongful death attorneys and safety resources. And most of all they care! They listen!

The following workers' names were read at WisCOSH co-sponsored vigils held in Milwaukee and Madison on Workers Memorial Day, 1996
Name of Worker
Date of Death
Name of Worker
Date of Death
Name of Worker
Date of Death
Harold Maass, Sr.
Jan. 5
William Seipel
Jan. 6
Lori Casey
Jan. 6
Preston Holloway
Jan. 20
Eldred Suprise
Jan. 22
Thomas Galacia
Jan. 26
Orlyn Jensen
Jan. 29
Alicia Walters
Feb. 2
John Schullo
Feb. 6
Frank Dzioba
Feb. 10
Steven Baker
Feb. 12
Kenneth Olson
Feb. 22
Jan Niecko
Feb. 23
Wayne Cornelius
March 1
Gregory Schultz
March 7
Leroy Calkins
March 11
Roger Froelich
March 14
Eddie Fletcher
March 16
Tony Zimmermann
March 18
David Chatfield
March 20
Raymond Young
March 21
Bronislav Veysman
March 29
David Hemling
April 4
Arthur Gunderson
April 6
Otha Williams
April 11
Hermann Peters
April 13
Eddie Sims
April 18
Edmund Simms
April 18
Huey Tobias
April 23
Larry Luna
April 24
Wilber Lee
May 7
Debra Baldauf
May 12
Valayphone Chareun
May 17
James Hale
May 18
Gary Kramer
June 6
Keih Nelson
June 12
Eldon Boelter
Steven Christen
June 15
Adam Wise
June 15
Salvador Leon Martinez
Dale Rodle
July 17
Walter Jordan
July 17
Ericha von Hoken
Michael Lavone
July 26
Doug Paul
July 31
Donald Posanski
Aug. 3
Keith Ahrens
Aug. 3
Scott Ebson
Aug. 4
Arlene Crouch
Aug. 6
Marcia Garcia
Aug. 8
William McKeever
Aug. 9
James Sims
Aug. 11
Bruce Cormican
Aug. 22
Andrew Jacobson
Aug. 24
Bradley Marvin
Sept. 4
Michael Card
Sept. 12
Louis Hamilton, Jr.
Sept. 14
Linda Fuda
Sept. 26
Chad Farberg
Sept. 30
Timothy Ihm
Oct. 11
Gerold Greene
Oct. 19
Rex Hoy
Oct. 20
Phillip Kinney
Oct. 21
George Spurling
Oct. 24
Mark Stene
Oct. 29
John Worthington
Nov. 6
Bonnie Parlman
Nov. 9
Robert Lex
Nov. 17
James Schill
Nov. 18
Rajinder Singh
Nov. 26
Ronald Foy
Dec. 3
Micheal Baribeau
Dec. 19
Kenneth Purdy
Dec. 29
If you have a name of someone who died on the job in 1995, please forward it to WisCOSH so that we may include it in our memorial. Please include the date, city/town and cause if you know it.
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