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Please download the appropriate form, fill it out and submit it and the payment to:
WisCOSH, Inc.
1535 W. Mitchell St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204

WisCOSH does not sell, rent, give away nor share its databases nor its mailing lists and we respect the privacy rights of our members. E-mail should not be considered secure or encrypted unless you are using such an e-mail program that encrypts messages and encryption is active. For that reason please print the form and mail it along with payment to the WisCOSH office.

If you do not want your name and/or organization published in any informational/promotional products/literature, please indicate so when asked below. You may change your mind at any time by notifying WisCOSH in writing.

WisCOSH may from time to time, when working in partnership with a person, group or organization, send out letters in conjunction with such arraingements to notify of or ask support for such partnership. In all situations WisCOSH maintains possession and control of the list(s) or batabase(s) used.

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