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  • WisCOSH Now Able To Provide Infectious Disease Response Training

    Thanks to the continuing agreement between the National COSH and the International Chemical Workers Union Council's Center for Worker Health & Safety Education in Cincinnati OH WisCOSH has been able to once again increase the training it is able to offer.

    We can now train workers and employers about the necessity to have an infectious disease plan in place, assist in crafting work policies and procedures and provide training on the subject, as well as worker resiliency should the problem become more than a localized outbreak.

    The topics which we cover include: seasonal flu; norovirus; Tb; bacterial meningitis; West Nile Virus; Zika Virus; and more. In today’s rapid transit world there are few, if any, isolated locations which means both common and exotic communicable diseases can show up anywhere with little to no warning. Whether the business provides goods or services to the general public or to specific clients knowing what to do when illness occurs is imperative.

    Contact WisCOSH for more information or to set up a training.

  • Infectious Disease Response Training Update!

    With the recent outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus (which causes COVID-19) around the world workers will soon find themselves on the front lines of a potential pandemic. Will you know how it is transmitted? Will you know the proper means of identifying potential, probable and definate infected persons or items in your vacinity? Will you know the proper cleaning and disinfecting procedure and product? Are you familiar with the appropriate personal protective equipment, how to don and doff it without contaminating yourself or others, clean and/or dispose of it properly? Will you know the facts from the fiction of bloodborn and infectious diseases?

    WisCOSH has been offering Infectious Disease Response in conjubction with the International Chemical Workers Union Council's Training Center in Cincinnati, OH for the past several years. Diseases such as West Nile Virus, Bacterial Menengitis, Ebola and more are covered. Currently we are updating our materials to include the latest accurate information in regards to COVID-19.

    If you work in an industry or occupation that puts you at high risk of being infected contact WisCOSH right away and we will set up training as soon as possible.

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