wiscosh: safety before profits
  • Donation Information

    WisCOSH depends heavily on donations to accomplish many of it's goals

    WisCOSh is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization recognized by the State of WI and the IRS. If you would be willing to make a tax deductable donation to WisCOSH there are several ways you can donate and a variety of places to designate what your donation can/must be used for.

    Memorial Donation

    There are several types of Memorial Donations commonly made. A donation made in someone's name -either the donor's or someone else's - that has died due to workplace injury or exposure, a memorial fund to be used for a specified activity or program and a trust which is intended to help cover an ongoing or annual event.

    Operating Expenses Donation

    You can make a donation to help WisCOSH meet it's day to day operating expenses such as rent, power, Internet, training materials, trainer fees, renewal or upgrade of trainer license and/or certification.

    Program Donation

    You can make a donation to be used specifically for a particular program such as Worker's memorial Day, a specific worker training program [youth/teen worker's rights; focus four hazards for general industry or construction workers; dealing with workplace violence and bullying; ...], helping underwrite the cost for hearing exams or training conferences.

    Donation Methods

    Once you have decided to make a donation there are several ways to do so. You can fill out the form attached below and return it to WisCOSH with your donation. You can make a donation to WisCOSH through Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee. At this time WisCOSH cannot accept direct credit card payment for donations. WisCOSH is looking into a number of options to facilitate this such as PayPay or similar services.

    If you choose to make a donation via Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee there are a couple methods available to you. You can make a One Time/Lump Sum Donation or you can make weekly/monthly donations to reach the amount you wish to donate. You can also donate to WisCOSH through a workplace giving campaign if your employer hosts one.

    Donation Form
  • Membership Information

    WisCOSH was formed as, and remains, a grassroots organization. Our strength comes froom our membership. WisCOSH has members from across all industries and occupations. WisCOSH has members who are represented by a union and those that are "at will" employees. WisCOSH has members that are business owners and frontline management. The overriding quality all these members possess is the desire to make and keep workeplaces safe and healthy for all workers.

    WisCOSH has three basic types of membership: individual, union and affiliate. They are fairly self-explanitory but a brief description follows.

    1. Individual Membership: open to anyone with an interest in promoting safer, healthier workplaces. There are several kinds of Individual Memberships as well:
      • Standard: $40/year
      • Low Income: $10/year< /li>
      • Sustaining: $100/year (or more) for 10 years (or more)
    2. Union Membership: open to all union and guild locals. The cost is $0.25/worker with the minimum of $75 and a maximum of $650.
    3. Affiliate Membership: open to other organizations [trade associations, union district or national offices, public and community organizations] and businesses that want to support safer, healthier workplaces. The cost is $75/year.

    Forms :Individual | Union | Affiliate