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Legislation Now Before The 111th Congress

What Is PAWA?

The Protecting America's Workers Act [PAWA] is legislation currently before the Senate [S.1580] and House of Representatives [H.R.2067] which will for the first time since the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act [OSHA, 1970] that it will be strengthened rather than weakened and vital updates to the Mine Safety and Health Act [MSHA, 1977], that were not a part of the MINER Act of 2006, will be instituted. Additionally millions of workers will gain protection for the first time ever and OSHA will have the ability to bring forth regulations and standards that languished in limbo under previous Administrations. PAWA would also increase the maximum penalty OSHA can fine an employer who is noncompliant and strengthens protections under OSHA for whistleblowers.

Updating OSHA and more!

Brief Description of House of Representatives Bill 2067

This bill was brought forward by Rep. Lynn Woolsey [D-CA] in April of 2009. Some of the key provisions of this bill are :

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