wiscosh: safety before profits
  1. 2012 Resource Directory

    Every year WisCOSH releases it's updated Resource Directory in conjunction with Worker's Memorial Day - April 28th. The Resource Directory is packed with useful information that workers can use: information on where to find information and help on a wide range of OSH issues; contact information for many governmental agencies [local, statewide and federal] and other organizations and elected officials; list of Wisconsin workers killed on the job the previous year and articles, stories and more.

    The Resource Directory is part of the materials WisCOSH provides in all of our trainings. It is also given out at all events in which WisCOSH participates. WisCOSH members also receive a copy. It is also provided to anyone contacting WisCOSH for help or information.

    Each Winter and early Spring WisCOSH provides an opportunity for workers, unions, legal professionals, businesses and others to submit messages of support of WisCOSH and/or safer and healthier workplaces. These messages serve as a great way for workers, employers and others to find services and materials that care about their workforce.

    If you are interested in placing a message of support please fill out and return the forms sent to you. If you have not received the forms you may download them here:

    If you place your message of support before April 1, 2012 you will enjoy a 25% discount off of the regular price. All messages of support must be received by March 31, 2012. This is to give the printer time to print and deliver in time for Worker's Memorial Day. The 2012 Resource Directory will be released at Worker's Memorial Day after the dinner at the American Postal Worker's Hall in Milwaukee. Copies will be mailed out to those placing messages of support the following day.